Monuments and sights compose the image of the area Kanoni.

Who wouldn’t be enchanted by the idea of having the oportunity to walk among the most beautiful places of the island while walking in the ancient city of Corfu which was founded in the 8th century? e.g

All those elements make kanoni area loved, they have singled out the island of Corfu and made it one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Coming to the island, of course, one cannot help but visit the famous Mon Repo, where through a route full of lush vegetation, you will find monuments in front of temples and in the wider area you will see parts of the ancient temple of Artemis.

Reaching the famous Pontikonisi and the Vlacherna Monastery you will notice that it is a blessed area with a variation of wonderful sights. Additionally, its scenery can differ based on the hour that you will visit it.

There are songs written about the beauties of the area kanoni, movies that were made and all those travel photos of the people that have been to Kanoni and return each and every year!

Sights and more around Kanoni

The beaches that can be found in the area of Kanoni, are not organized, but they are ideal for those who seek a nearby beach close to the center of Corfu combined with sightseeing around many interesting coffee places and restaurants.

Inside Mon Repo you will find Kardaki wrapped in green. A perfect choice for those who love to walk or exercise that will be delighted to dive to the waters of Kardaki.

Another great choice is the beach that is located near the Monastery of Vlacherna next to the facilities of the wonderful restaurant Flisvos with its tasty seafood and the refined menu that enriches its quality of its services every year.

Also, in the area of Kanoni you will find many accommodations, restaurants and hotels, while once hosted the Casino that has been moved today to Garitsa within the Corfu Palace Hotel.



Translation - Text Editor: Marilia Makri
Photography: Eddie Kastamonitis
Photography: Shutterstock
Photography: Marilia Makri
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