With the description of the landscape by Homer himself, confirming the myth, you will desire to see for yourself the place where Nafsika, the daughter of the king of the Phaeacians Alcinous, discovered the shipwrecked Odysseus.

The seaside village of Ermones is located on the west coast of the island and it stands out for the beauties that nature has generously givento it but also for the myths around its name.

Tales and legends about the area of Ermones

Many areas in Corfu are deeply connected with tales and legends.

Reading the Odyssey, one can only associate the area of Ermones with the landscape where Nafsika, the daughter of the Phaeacian king Alcinous, found the shipwrecked Odysseus. The bay with the lush vegetation and the wild landscape, as well as the river where Odysseus seems to have fallen asleep, match Homer’s descriptions.

One of the tales that locals usually tell, is about the rocks of the bay in  Ermones. According to the legend, once belong to a pirate. The pirate tried to steal the image from the small church located at the top of one of the hills of the beach but  the Virgin Mary prevented him by turning him into a stone.

Destination for Golf lovers

On the way to the Ermones you cross the area of Ropa Valey where there is a fully organized and equipped golf course, the Corfu Golf Club.

Corfu Golf Club is known among the visitors of the island that love golf, who often combine their holidays with their favorite sport.

If you are not an expert in golf, you have the opportunity to learn, as Corfu Golf Club has equipment for begginers and player of every level.

Το παρεκκλήσι

A beautiful small chapel, the chapel of “Apelistra”, is located close to the beach, through a hilly path , ideal for adventure seekers and hiking lovers.

The panoramic view will reward you, while it is worth capturing the sunset.

Excursions, activities and diving

In Ermones you will find a diving center to explore all the secrets of the Corfiot seabed. You can also rent a boat or pedal boat to visit the nearby beaches.

In the area there are many hotels, rooms to let and restaurants with stunning views and menus with a range of options for excellent gastronomic new experiences.


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Text Editor: Marilia Makri
Photography: Eddie Kastamonitis
Photography: Shutterstock
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